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The amount of money it takes to care for an animal can be quite high, this is why we need help from time to time. Even providing food may not seem like much but it would make a world of difference to us and the animal receiving the food!


Below are the animals we have on The Farm and approximate costs for their up keep (we can give them free love all day!).



We have two donkeys; Sonny and Leroy who is an American Mammoth breed. The monthly cost to care for them is about $290 each donkey. This total includes hay, treats, bedding, farrier, fungus prevention, veterinarian services, fly spray, and miscellaneaous costs that may come up.



We have one cat that tries to keep the mouse and weasel population under control in the barn. The cost for this cat is about $30 per month. This cost includes his food, treats, veterinarian services, insect control, and other miscellaneous costs.





Traveler and Anne are our two therapy horses. They cost about $425 to care for each for a month. This cost includes the same costs as the donkeys, hay, treats, bedding, farrier, veterinarian services, fly spray, and other miscellaneus costs.

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