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Dr. Donna LaMar, one of our co-founders, blogs for The Farm Where Living Things Grow, Inc. She believes that it is something healthy and positive and gives individuals somewhere to read about the happenings here at The Farm. If you ever have questions, comments, ideas, or concerns, please let us know. We are open to anything!


If we could we would get the animals to write blogs too! Wouldn't those be interesting to read? We could see how they spend their day while we are not with them. How many times would Traveler write "The donkeys tried to escape again today...."


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May 20, 2015 by livingfarm

The Farm is excited to announce that we have just found our American Mammoth donkey! These amazing animals were developed and bred by George Washington and are now on the endangered list.  We have been looking for one for a while and our special guy was just found in Oklahoma from a breeder who had bred these donkeys for decades. The donkey’s name is LeroyBrown; he is 10 years old and about 15 hands (about 60 inches at the shoulders).

Our precious Leroy will be coming to us sometime next week. He will be helping us with our new program for our Veterans. We do equine (horse) therapy for all ages and all types of trauma backgrounds such as victims of abuse, neglect and very soon, war.

In equine therapy, participants have do not have to get on the horses. We do offer opportunities to ride however, just being around the horses helps people heal and overcome pain.

Participants work with The Farm’s horses as well as a equine certified licensed mental health professional. Healing and growing happens! Horses help people heal, grow and transcend the trauma they have experienced. It is a magical experience working with these amazing spiritual animals. Equine therapy helps with depression, anxiety, anger, communication, relationships, etc.

Contact me if you would like more information or to be a participant. We offer individual, group and special weekend programs. (231) 689-3001.

Leroy Brown

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