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Our beloved Pluto has made the journey to cross the rainbow bridge. As we say goodbye to Pluto for now we look back on our times with him.For nearly 10 years Pluto was The Farm's therapy dog. Pluto was a vital part of the Counseling Center and The Working Farm. He worked with kids of all ages visiting them in schools and at community events. He also worked with adults of all ages in the office, on the farm and in nursing homes. Pluto was able to enjoy a vacation in Ludington, one of his favorite spots to go, in August with Donna.


One of his favorite days was the Saturday when many people of all ages came for the equine (horse) programs out at the working farm. He would wait outside for them to arrive, escort them and work with them in the learnign center and then go with them in the arena to work with the horses.


The loss of Pluto leaves a huge hole in The Farm's staff and is a very important mission of helping all ages heal and grow from traumas and develop potentials. It is very important The Farm purchase a new St. Bernard puppy as soon as possible and get him or her trained to step into Pluto's huge paw prints.


As The Farm says goodbye to Pluto, we are searching for our number "6" St. Bernard. Our challenge, like most non-profits 501(c)(3), is we do not have the funds available. The puppy we need has to be a dry-mouth, no in-breeding and with parents who are healthy and have no hip problems. They are expensive and can range from $1500-$3000!


We are reaching to all of you who have known Pluto as well as the rest of our generous community to consider helping The Farm help others by making a donation toward getting the new staff member, a puppy, that we so desperately need to make this program run. You may do so either on this website by clicking the "donate now" button, via PayPal, credit card, at the office or by calling the office at 231-924-2401. 


Thank you so much in advance for your continued support of our organzation and programs!

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At The Farm we offer traditional, equine (horse) and horticulture (plant) therapy! Want to know more? Click the button below.

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The Farm is a non-profit youth and family prevention organization that is dedicated to helping people heal and grow.

The Farm Works To:

- Grow strong adults, youth and families

- Help all ages heal and grow from abuse, neglect and trauma

- Develop potentials such as talents, skills and assets

- Teach value of life

- Develop leaders and more productive citizens

- Help create stronger and healthier communities

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